tip #1:wipe

Gently wipe your furniture to remove dust so that grime will be less likely to stick. Dust can also trigger allergies and attract mold and mites, so be sure to wipe it away.

tip #2:fluff

By gently beating your cushions every day, you can fluff them up so that they retain their plush feel and beautiful forms. And, occasionally remove the covers for dry-cleaning or replace them if needed—spotless covers can greatly enhance the comfort you feel from your sofas and chairs.

tip #3:tighten

From time to time, check your furniture for loose joints in tabletops, legs, shelves, frames and so on, and retighten them as needed. This will help keep your furniture functioning properly and extend its life.

another important tip!

Furniture can crack, warp, grow mold, and suffer from other problems if exposed to direct sunlight or high humidity for a long time, or if kept in an unventilated room with big temperature fluctuations. When deciding the placement of your furniture, take into consideration environmental factors such as the presence of condensation and the location of air conditioning vents, windows, and lights.

user’s guides & assembly manuals

All furniture products come with a user’s guide and assembly manual. Please store them in a handy place and check them from time to time to remind yourself of how to keep your furniture in optimal condition.
Click the links below to download product care tips excerpted from the user's guides. These tips will show you what you can do at home to keep your furniture in top form.

upholstery care

cushions & mattress care

wood finish care

maintenance checks,storage & after-sales service

care for metal finishes & other materials