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Our flagship shop staff will advise you on how to totally coordinate your home, including how to choose the right lights, curtains, plants, art and other interior elements that will help define and accentuate your living space. Our shops also offer other special services, such as trade-ins, an in-house credit purchase plan, and delivery.

At our flagship shops we offer an incredible array of sophisticated interior elements to give your home that something extra—curtains, rugs, plants, art and other accents.
The wide selection means you’re certain find items that perfectly suit your lifestyle and tastes.

Interior elements from A to Z

  • lighting

    Lighting plays a big part in defining your interior, creating mood and enhancing comfort. And, with the right interplay of light and shadows, you can give your home a whole new look. Our staff will help you create a lighting plan that is just right for your lifestyle.

  • curtains & fabrics

    Our lineup of window coverings includes curtains that gently embrace light and frolic in breezes, plus blinds and shades that soften the summer glare. The diverse range of materials and textures allows you to choose the perfect way to accentuate your windows, some of the most important defining features of your living space.

  • carpeting

    In addition to serving practical functions such as keeping floors warm and muffling noise, carpets and rugs add a distinctive zest to your home, provide a sense of roominess, and are focal point where people naturally gather. You can also have fun changing them with the seasons to set different moods for different times of the year.

  • indoor & garden plants

    Greenery always brings a soothing vibrancy to any space, and the natural curves of plants soften the many straight lines that define interiors. And, the joy of caring for these living things each day is a pleasure not experienced with other interior elements.

    ●Plants are available only at arflex tokyo.

  • art

    Add a whole new dimension of fun to your living space by using art to decorate walls that catch the eye or to provide a pleasing backdrop to beds and cabinets. Choosing art doesn’t take a lot of thinking—just go with what your heart tells you and enjoy!


We take trade-ins, even items by other manufacturers

Whenever you order furniture from our flagship shops in Tokyo and Osaka, you can trade in the old items you’re replacing. This service is a good way to retune your living space to your evolving lifestyle.

  • ● To learn more about this service, visit or contact one of our flagship shops in Tokyo and Osaka.
  • ● The trade-in needs to be the same type of furniture as your purchase.
  • ● This service is not available for customer-assembled storage systems, sofa covers, or bed accessories.
  • ● Please note that discounts may not be applied for some trade-ins, depending on their condition. However, we may collect such items free of charge.

The trade-in process

  • appraisal

    One of our representatives will visit your home to inspect and appraise the trade-in. If you live far away from our offices, we’ll have you send us photos of the item instead.

  • quotation

    When you order the new piece of furniture, we’ll give you a formal quotation for your trade-in.

  • deduction

    The amount quoted for your trade-in will be deducted from the price of your order at payment.

  • pick-up

    We will pick up the trade-in when we deliver your order.

● Please note that trade-ins are handled only by our flagship shops in Tokyo (main shop) and Osaka.

credit plan

In addition to taking payment by bank transfer and credit card, our flagship shops offer a convenient credit purchase plan
that allows you to spread your payments over 12 installments, at 0% APR.

Credit purchase process

  • You will need to enter into a credit purchase agreement with our credit service provider when placing your order.
  • Fill out a credit purchase application at one of our flagship shops.
    ● Please bring an official photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) and your seal.
  • The credit service provider will notify us of the result of their review of your application on that day or the following.
    ● Please note that the credit plan cannot be used if the application was not approved.

Customers who enter into a credit purchase agreement can also make credit purchases from areas outside our flagship shop districts.
For details, contact a flagship shop.

● Please note that trade-ins are handled only by our flagship shops in Tokyo (main shop) and Osaka.

delivery service

After you place an order, it takes our master artisans some time to lovingly craft your furniture.
When it’s ready, you can have us deliver the newest addition to your home life with tender care.

  • arflex delivery service

    You can request our professional delivery staff to deliver, assemble, and install your arflex products. Their reliable expertise in each product’s characteristics means that you let handle everything with peace of mind.
    ● This service is available only for selected parts of the Tokyo metropolitan area.

  • other delivery options

    We partner with national and regional delivery services specially selected based on our high standards. These services will reliably deliver, unpack, and install your purchase, and even dispose of the packaging for you. You can also request to have a truck specially contracted to make your delivery.

● Please note that trade-ins are handled only by our flagship shops in Tokyo (main shop) and Osaka.

Feel free to contact us for questions about day-to-day care, factory repairs, reupholstering, or other concerns about your arflex furniture.

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