Arflex Japan offers five brands of modern furniture—headed up by our mainstay arflex lineup—that can help you live an exhilarating, enriched lifestyle with their timeless designs and lasting quality.
  • arflex
    Arflex Japan’s core brand leads the interior scene in Japan with its Italian-inspired focus on a simple modern lifestyle.
  • arflex
    Leveraging its many years of experience and achievements in the finest storage system artisanry, Molteni&C offers a full range of furniture and storage units, all of top quality.
  • arflex
    Since 1920, this brand has produced a diverse array of solid-wood furniture, maximizing the magic of wood to provide value that can be handed down from generation to generation.
  • arflex
    This lineup of furniture and rugs from an Italian designer adds a stylish touch to both interiors and exteriors with its vibrant colors and superlative quality.
  • arflex
    A pioneer in glass products for interior settings, Glas Italia offers lavishly elegant items that bring out the multifaceted charm of glass.

Meet our international team of designers, the people who bring the arflex vision to reality for enriched lifestyles in tune with the times—and who have made history with us.

See examples of how our total coordination solutions have enhanced the interiors of homes, offices, shops, and more.