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about arflex

arflex takes its name from the Italian word for furniture, arredamenti, and “flexibility,”
signifying our desire to provide you with quality furniture that flexibly fits in with any era, any setting.

Launched in Italy in 1951 and transplanted to Japan in 1969,we are an Italian-born,
Japanese-raised brand that combines Italian sensibility with Japanese values and craftsmanship
to offer you exciting solutions for enriching your lifestyle with built-to-last furniture.
arflex arredamenti+flexibility

our vision

Impeccable comfort: these two words sum up what we want to give our customers—an enriched and enriching lifestyle that begins with furniture, and is always driven by people and created for people.
We offer design not for design’s sake, but for your sake, providing the uncompromising convenience and comfort that you want, by perfectly balancing beauty with function.
Our creations also combine constantly refreshing simplicity with reassuring durability. This means that any maintenance needed down the road will be a hassle-free experience.
Think a moment—What is the lifestyle you really want? We are ready to help you live that dream by inspiring you with new ideas and providing superb furniture that supports the life you seek. And, we keep your dream alive by offering dependable maintenance.
That’s the arflex vision, the one that we will continue to follow in the years to come as a lifestyle furniture brand.