Yakumo Y's Private Residence

We proposed a living room, dining room, and bedroom as part of the reconstruction and renovation of the owner's home.
In the living room, the owner likes to watch TV and movies, play piano as her hobby, and read magazines, so we tried to meet her requests as far as possible.

Calm tones and matte finishes are offered to suit the preference.
The upholstery of the sofa fabric, legs of the personal sofa, and other parts of the furniture are finished in such a way that the space is tightened.

In addition to the sofa, we proposed a personal sofa with a high back so that the four members of the family can spend their own time in the same space.

For storage, we proposed a cabinet for storing items around the living room and a shelf for displaying photos and art.
Since the sofa wasn't comfortable before, we suggested a sofa with a zipper connecting the body and cushions. The legs are also raised for a cleaner look.

For the living room storage, we used Molteni's GLISS MASTER to adjust the shelves and store books, vacuum cleaner, etc.
In order to keep the area in front of the sofa clean, the coffee table and side tables are the only tables in the room.
We proposed to use shelves for each table so that the storage of the items such as drinks, magazines, and newspapers can be minimalized.