We proposed furniture for a multipurpose salon that extends between the office entrance and the workspace. Based on the concept of a "home" that warmly welcomes employees and visitors, the furniture embodies the company's corporate philosophy of "making employees happy."

As you enter the entrance, the first thing that catches your eyes is the sofa <MIO> with its pop-colored upholstery.

It creates a bright and positive place for communication.

The other sofa, OMNIO, is a model with a high degree of flexibility which can be combined with square units like a puzzle, and since each units are movable, the layout can be easily changed. For this set, leather upholstery is used throughout, adding a sense of quality to the casual interior.

The simple U-shaped BRACCO living room table can also be used as a platform for placing greenery and objects.

The PERCH lounge chair is lightweight enough to be easily moved depending on the number of people attending a seminar or meeting.

We selected an upholstery fabric close to the corporate color yellow to add color to the office space.