Toba Kokusai Hotel has been evolving into a more sophisticated and luxurious space since its reopening in 2010, while maintaining its tradition and prestige since its opening in 1964. We proposed chairs for guests to relax and enjoy their meals at the hotel's Japanese restaurant, which utilizes the bounty of Ise-Shima.

The Japanese restaurant "Cape Mondo" offers a spectacular view of Toba Bay, where you can enjoy the delicacies of the sea and mountains that Ise-Shima is famous for. Based on the concept of enjoying a "Resort Washoku" where the taste of the ingredients is accentuated in an open space connected to the sea, we proposed the chair "FLUTE", which is upholstered with fabric and gentle to the touch. The simple form of the chair blends in well with traditional Japanese decorations such as the Kumiko-zaiku railings. The bright ivory chair creates a beautiful contrast with the azure sea and the greenery of the majestic mountains.