「The Okura Tokyo」 Okura Prestige Tower Office Lounge

With the rebuilding of the Hotel Okura Tokyo, The Okura Tokyo was reborn as a sophisticated luxury hotel suitable for the international city of Tokyo. We delivered sofas to the office lounge in the Okura Prestige Tower, one of the two buildings that comprise the hotel, which is a high-rise building with office floors.

A lounge space exclusively for the office workers of the Okura Prestige Tower. The space is finished with a sense of dignity and serenity befitting the name of Okura, one of Japan's leading hotels.

The OMNIO sofas, which are separate for each unit, are comfortably placed on the open floor. While normally used as a place for open communication, the layout can be flexibly changed for large conferences. The combination of gently colored fabric and high-quality leather upholstery gives the room a simple yet dignified appearance.