PROUD City Shinonome Canal Marks

The exquisite condominium boasting a picturesque waterfront view and a private garden nestled in the Tokyo Bay area. Hoshina has meticulously curated its model room with the theme "RICH & CASUAL CHIC" to epitomize the essence of this project.

For the inviting living room, we selected the luxurious GRAN sofa with its large seat and relaxed form upholstered in a rich fabric. Complementing this centerpiece is the leather stool PI, paired with the stylish TREPI coffee table. As the focal point, the striking blue walls and dynamic red rug create an ambiance that's both captivating and inviting. Meanwhile, the serene light beige furniture and curtains add an element of refined elegance, fostering a tranquil atmosphere throughout the space.

The dining and kitchen area, smoothly blending into the sitting area, cultivate an inviting atmosphere. Featuring a custom-made dining table integrated into the kitchen, it facilitates both culinary endeavors and lively conversations with those gathered in the kitchen.

The atelier is designed for its owner, an editor at a fashion magazine. It showcases edgy design elements such as designer lighting fixtures, the contemporary CREDO table, and chic CREDO counter chairs, reflecting the owner's discerning taste and creative spirit.