PROUD City Shinonome Canal Marks

Even though the building is located in an urban area, it is designed to give a sense of water, sky, and greenery. The soft oval shape of the building is symbolic. Therefore, we tried to create a space that is faithful to the brand concept "RICH & CASUAL CHIC.

Casual for adults, the space is sophisticated, yet bright and relaxing. The blue cloth in the living room is an accent.

The GRAN sofa, with its large seat and relaxed form, is upholstered in a rich fabric. In front of the sofa is a leather stool, PI. The selection of high quality materials and rich items creates a sense of richness and elegance, not just casual.

The dining table (custom) was designed to be integrated with the kitchen, making it easy to cook and communicate with others around the kitchen.

For the atelier, the wife is an editor of a fashion magazine and uses a room in her house as her atelier. We used edgy items such as design lighting, CREDO tables, and CREDO counter chairs.

For the hotel-like bedroom, we used the simple square line of <ERBA 05>, which fits in any space. The wood grain and its sharp design accentuate the texture of the wood.