This is a salon exclusively for customers to take a break from shopping or for important business meetings. In order to further enhance the sense of grade of the space, high quality genuine leather were used for the sofas, and materials such as metal legs and woods were carefully selected. The elegant Japanese-style exudes a sense of dignity that only authentic materials can provide.

For the sofa, we selected a design with floating legs to prevent stains from sticking to the sofa, considering that people use it with their shoes on. We proposed three models that are both stylish and comfortable. MAGENTA, with its light and airy appearance, is easy to stand and sit on, making it comfortable for people of all ages. BOURG is compact enough for formal seating, but its generous cushions provide rich seating comfort. BRERA, with its beautiful sharp panels running from the back to the arms, features a large seat filled with feathers.

Two models of personal sofas, both of which can be rotated and have a sophisticated form, are available: LUCIA, which is beautiful from any angle has a circular shell that firmly supports the body. The elegant design of FABIO, reminiscent of a classical easy chair, matches a Japanese-style. We selected a chair with an auto-return mechanism so that it can always maintain its neatness and beauty.