Restaurant ESqUISSE

On the occasion of the renewal of ESqUISSE, a French restaurant in Ginza that has been awarded two stars by the Michelin Guide Tokyo since 2013, we introduced chairs that combine comfort and elegant design for a relaxing dining experience. We tried to create a space to share the joy of gastronomy in a peaceful yet noble and modern setting.

We selected FLUTE and ELEGA chairs, which offer both rich comfort and an elegant appearance that prevents fatigue even when seated for long periods of time. The chairs also meet the requirement that the back part of the chair is not left out so that a woman can place her handbag behind her waist. For the upholstery of the chairs, we selected a bright color that reflects the dark color of the floor, while the wooden parts are unified in a chic similar color. The natural light coming in through the windows and the sophisticated gray tones create a soft, enveloping feeling of comfort.

At the entrance and waiting area, guests are welcomed by the light white leather upholstery of the TINA WIDE chair.

The texture of the walls and floor matches the strength of the earth, creating a simple yet high-quality space.