Water Front Resort House

This resort house overlooks a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean in a place surrounded by rich nature. We helped create a space where people can relax to their heart's content in a feeling of openness away from everyday life.

The base color of all the rooms is white to reflect the emerald green sea. The BRERA sofa features a stylish panel design and a plump, comfortable seat cushion. The large, spacious L-shaped layout allows you to relax in any position and enjoy the best ocean view. The OUTLINE dining chairs are upholstered in leather, up to the legs for a luxurious finish and comfortable seating. For the main bedroom, we have selected the BRERA bed, which is upholstered in fabric and offers gentle comfort. As an accent to the space, a lightly taped chair, TINA 10, was placed to create an elegant resort atmosphere.