PROUD Seta 1-chome

Not far from Futakotamagawa, we helped coordinate a high-quality interior suitable for a place where the city and nature coexist. Simple design items are combined with warm colors to create a sophisticated and relaxing home.

In the living room, we selected mainly walnut furniture with a sense of dignity to reflect the elegant herringbone flooring. The sofa MAGENTA is paired with a marble living room table ARENA, and the large furniture is laid out in a relaxed manner to create a sense of serenity.

The dining room is furnished with comfortable upholstered chairs, FLUTE, to enhance comfort.
The desk and shelves are custom-made. The flowing lines of the desk are matched with Molteni's WHO chair, which has beautiful curved arms. The shelves are smartly designed so as not to show off the corner pillars, and the lighting effects makes the appearance of the shelves look beautiful.

The closet is made of Molteni's GLISS MASTER, which combines high aesthetic value with convenience. It allows functional storage while beautifully displaying the important wardrobe.