Motoazabu Private Residence

Assisted in the relocation and interior remodeling, as well as interior coordination for two rooms. Provided a total proposal including selection of some floor and wall finishing materials, furniture layout, lighting, rugs, and curtains.
We assisted in a full renovation of one room, providing a total proposal for furniture and interior items, including the kitchen. We planned the kitchen and wall storage according to the client's preferences in terms of size, functionality, and materials. To complement the texture of the kitchen, we selected the IENA ceramic tabletop for the dining table. The exquisite tones of black, gray, and beige merge the space, creating a sophisticated dining scene.
The CASTELLO sofa is designed in a C-shape, where each person can stretch their legs. We added a delicate lattice coffee table to bring a sense of openness to the stately sofa. While the linear furniture brings the space together, we selected interior items with soft designs that include warm-colored rugs, bronze-colored kitchen skirting, and floating glass lighting, based on the client's preferences.
In the other room, we mainly coordinated the furniture that the client had been using before moving. The living room, with its striking contrast between the rug and flooring, features a VASCA 19 sofa and a GIULIO lounge chair. We arranged the living room table S.21, with its rich expression of marble tabletop, at different heights. In the dining room, we neatly balanced the AFFOGATO table with its slim plank legs with warm fabric APERTO chairs.