Mitsui Fudosan Main Office

Located at the 12th floor of Nihonbashi Muromachi Mitsui Tower, the new main office entrance of Mitsui Fudosan blends the luxury of the city with the warmth of wood to create a welcoming space that reflects Mitsui Fudosan's brand idea of "bringing richness and nourishment to the city". The main space was designed to be a place where people talk to each other and relax.
Visitors are greeted by a custom-made reception counter leveraging the texture of the materials. The wooden louvers made in consistent design as on the back wall were made from oak trees grown in the Mitsui Fudosan owned forest in Hokkaido. To finish off the look, we combined an elegant patterned marble. This gives the counter a dignified look in line with the company's image.
The polygonal shaped custom-made benches can be arranged in many different ways and offers flexibility in the way to be seated. They have various functions such as holding planters and built-in floor lights.
The lounge area boasts a panoramic view and features the sleek ERA series sofas and coffee tables. The beautiful rounded curved LUCIA lounge chair adds a rhythmic touch to the calm brown color scheme. It goes well with the indoor plants around it and makes the room feel open and calm.

Counter and Bench (custom-made)

Lounge Chair LUCIA

Sofa ERA / Coffee Table ERA