Maebashi Private Residence

Private residence in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture. The client selected the furniture that blends into the minimal architecture yet exudes a handcrafted warmth.
The sofa SONA strikes a balance between a flat seat with just the right firmness and a soft back cushion, making it perfect for relaxing and watching movies. We paired it with the side table MONTEBELLO, which features beautiful legs crafted from solid wood.
For the dining area, we selected the CREDO dining table with a ceramic top that matches the flooring and kitchen finishes, creating a unified look. Not only does it look modern, but it also has the added benefit of being resistant to scratches and heat. The chairs REPCA, in a color that matches the table legs, feature a hybrid design using molded plywood and bentwood. The unique combination of straight and curved lines adds movement to the serene space.
-Design: Atelier 137

Sofa SONA / Living Table MONTEBELLO / Dining Table CREDO / Chair REPCA ※discontinued