LEXUS Narita

This is an example of assisting with the interior design of a LEXUS showroom. The owner's lounge was designed with the concept of "a place where one can envision a dream lifestyle," aiming to extend the LEXUS LIFE into a space that feels like "home." Iconic Italian designer furniture was placed at the center of the room, while our company's products, chosen for their simple forms, surround it, harmonizing comfortably with the modern Japanese-style interior. The lounge features a mix of materials, including leather lounge chairs and marble side tables, creating a richly textured and expressive setting.

■Owners' Lounge
Sofa OMNIO / Side Table S.21 / Lounge Chair BLANCHE / Side Table STELO

■Reception Room
Sofa BOURG LOUNGE / Center Table ERA / Chair LYS / Meeting Table IENA