We delivered chairs for the newly installed entrance area upon their company's relocation. The area also serves as a showroom to introduce the products and uses, and it has been designed to incorporate their company's materials as much as possible.
We delivered chairs using the artificial leather "Clarino," one of the representative products of Kuraray. VIsitors and employees can experience sitting on the chairs and feel the texture and durability of the material. The material comes in two types, leather type and suede type, and four pastel colored upholstered chairs are mixed to create a soft and glamorous space.
The chair FLUTE , designed to match a large table, has a upholstered structure that provides stability and reduces fatigue even during long meetings. In addition, the chair RINN in the cafe space is lightweight and easy to move, and the cover, which is prone to dirt, can be easily replaced. Two types of chairs were selected according to the intended use of each space.

Chair RINN