A wedding party room opened in a resort hotel in Karuizawa. We tried to coordinate the interior so that the guests can enjoy their precious time with their loved ones.

As the room is for the guests to enjoy eating and drinking while freely moving around, all the sofas and chairs we proposed can have their covers replaced. The beautiful design and the functionality and convenience of the space were highly evaluated.

A party room with a sense of splendor and relaxation, where you can enjoy the extraordinary feeling surrounded by a fresh forest.

The sofa in front of the fireplace is TURNER, a sofa with adjustable seat backs. It can be folded down to sit on top of the seat backs too, making it smartly adaptable for use by a large group. PI, a large circular stool that can also be used as a table without limiting the number of people seated, enhances convenience.

The coordinating accent is the GIO PONTI D.151.4 (Molteni) personal sofa in lustrous blue velvet. The gleaming brass feet adds a touch of luxury.

LARGE sofa in the other room is an island unit without a back or arms. It can be accessed from any direction, creating an open space for communication.

The sofa in the guest room, MAGENTA, has a beautiful balance of light legs and a plump seat. It is comfortable and stable, and its silhouette isn't easily disrupted, maintaining a neat appearance.