HOTEL MASTAY Jingu-michi is located in the Higashiyama area of Kyoto, which is bustling with tourists throughout the four seasons. The fusion of Japanese taste and modern furniture incorporated throughout the hotel has created a chic and comfortable space that satisfies both domestic and international guests.

Based on the concept of providing a high quality space for guests to relax as if they were at home, two types of suites are equipped with GRAN sofas with different upholstery. The dynamic round unit creates an open space for relaxation. The living room table is a mix of two types, ELIPS and CLIPS. The materials of glass and marble add a luxurious look to the space. ASTERIAS table, which looks like a piece of art with a cactus motif, and OUTLINE and GLOVE-UP chairs are coordinated in different tones.

In the standard room, the vivid blue velvet personal sofa LUCIA is the accent color. The circular table, COLUMN, does not look oppressive even in a compact room, and elegantly matches the curved form of RUNE chair.