Himeji Private Residence

We proposed a styling that focusesd on the concept color blue. The leather sofa ERA and the table from the same series create a calm base for the space with their relaxed L-shaped design and muted colors, and add a pop of color with the fabric cushions. The rug balances the space with a light gray color, while the yellow lounge chair LUCIA adds an accent.
For the dining area, we used the table IENA and chair RINN in a unified dark color to highlight the beauty of their minimalistic form. We added the NTC 16 counter chair with glossy black leather weaving against the wall. The lounge chair GIULIO for the theater room is the perfect shape for movie watching, with a headrest that envelops the viewer. The entrance chair LYS is upholstered in blue velvet and harmonizes with the wall art.
-Designed by Arks Design Studio