Clinic at Kuwana City

A lounge space set up in the facility where doctors and staff take breaks and conduct training. The goal was to create a space that supports smooth communication and makes working hours even more comfortable.

The main sofa, BOURG, with its plump comfort, is upholstered in leather on the outside and the seat is made of a soft-to-the-touch fabric.

The marble RIVOLI living room table provides a good balance of luxury and relaxation.

The lounge chair BLANCHE, which is upholstered in the same way as the sofa, creates a private relaxation space, and its advanced design is effective as an accent in the space.

The dining table "NATURA (RIVA1920)" received high praise for its dynamic presence, combining a solid wood top with steel legs.

We also proposed a high quality rug as a finishing touch to the coordination, creating a space rich in expression where a variety of materials such as fabric, leather, marble, solid wood and steel resonate with each other.