Business Airport Nihon-Bashi

The "Business Airport" is a comfortable and creative workplace inspired by an international airport lounge. The Nihonbashi branch is conveniently located in an area where many large corporations are based, within walking distance of Tokyo Station. While incorporating the atmosphere of the historic city into the interior, the space supports the new work style of today.

The open, glass-walled reception space consists of BOURG sofa, ERA table, and BLANCHE personal sofa.

A richly expressive space is created by combining a variety of materials such as high quality leather, marble, and stylish steel.

In the shared lounge with a number of table sets, we selected ARCA chair, which has a beautiful smooth form from back to arm, and CREDO stool, all in black. The contrast with the table color reminiscent of white wood gives a sense of Japanese style.

The swivel personal chair, FABIO, is compact but comfortable, ideal for casual communication. The seat cushion is covered for easy maintenance.

In a corner of the corridor leading to the meeting room, the upholstered FLUTE chair, with its gentle seating comfort, is laid out like a café, facing a bench. It creates a relaxing space where people can refresh themselves in between meetings.