Atami S's Private Residence

The client requested the "comfortable atmosphere as conceived by HOSHINA" with a focus on HOSHINA furniture as well as a balance with the location and architecture.

While keeping in mind the beauty of the location and the grade of the architecture, we also took into account the authenticity of the materials (even the grade of the solid wood and cotton) to create a sense of relaxation. The owner's own idea of "relaxation" was "spending time with close friends", so we considered the living/dining room and the terrace (plus the pool) as one space, so that even if many people gathered, the presence of people and their enjoyment would be conveyed from any place.

Especially in the interior, we tried not to interfere with the relationship between the building and the wonderful land that looks like it holds the ocean with its shape and color. The colors were adjusted with art objects, and the materials and textures were coordinated with great care.

We were very particular about how comfortable the owner would feel when spending time in the house. The terrace leading from the living/dining room is accentuated with strong colors, but the color of the ocean and the atmosphere of the outside are also considered in the coordination.