Artizon Museum

Under the concept of “Experiencing Creativity”, Artizon Museum offers a variety of art pleasures in a building outfitted with cutting-edge lighting and air conditioning technologies, aiming to attract a broad audience to the world of art. The architecture and interior design are filled with a sense of beauty right down to the slightest detail, resulting in an environment that is both modern and warm, thanks to handmade materials and color gradients.
All sofas and tables provided were custom-made to fit their optimum environment. The leather bench sofas in the exhibition area and foyer are designed with a gently circular form, allowing seating from all sides. The piping and stitching are embellishments that were meticulously tailored through trial and error. The X-shaped legs were painstakingly painted with a mirror finish to reflect the surrounding environment and fit in flawlessly. The main material of the sofa is a novel polymer constructed of resin and other chemicals that provides pleasant flexibility and excellent resilience for public use.
The lounge sofa at the information room, an area where the visitors can browse and read documents, has a straightforward design that complements the brass wall while adding delicate piping. The side tables made from oak wood have an original gray treatment. It mixes with the interior material and sofa fabric to produce an excellent color gradient.
The cafe's sofa provides formal sitting comfort with little cushion deformation and is upholstered in easy-care faux suede. The base is composed of the same terrazzo as the floor, and the upper section has piping elements, exhibiting great attention to detail while attaining practicality and elegance at the same time.
Museum Design, sofa and table design TONERICO:INC.

Cafe Sofa custom-made

Bench Sofa custom-made

■Information room
Table / Sofa custom-made

■Exhibition Room
Sofa custom-made