HOSHINA's WORK STUDIO is based on the idea of being as comfortable as a home while working, and emphasizes the importance of efficiency and comfort as an office. From this perspective, suggestions for space creation through the selection and coordination of all materials have been incorporated.

The 107㎡ work studio consists of an open space and a meeting space separated by a glass door.

The central part of the open space consists of sofas. It is a versatile space for lounging, etc., and encourages people to naturally stop by and casually communicate.

On the other hand, the space next to it is composed of several sofas and lounge chairs, suitable for small groups of people to communicate in a relaxed and close manner with a purpose while sitting around a large living room table.

The two tables by the window are a space for a small group of people to concentrate on meetings. Surrounded by soft round tables, they provide a calm atmosphere.

In front of the open space is a space for working and communicating, with an H.900 counter table and high chairs. This is an area where people naturally gather and new communication occurs, as people sits and look at each others closely.

The meeting space, separated by a glass door, is approximately 18 square meters.

The chic sisal carpet and wooden blinds create a warm and relaxed atmosphere like staying home. The tables are custom made with soft colors and rich textures, while taking into consideration cables and taps, and the glass doors create a meeting space that doesn't feel claustrophobic while blocking sound to some extent.