The Aoyama Grand Hotel

We proposed the interior design of the guest rooms of Tokyo's new landmark "The Aoyama Grand Hotel", which newly opened on the former Bel Commons site. Matching the interior design influenced by 1980s Aoyama culture, posters of the chair NT, which was introduced in 1977, are exhibited in the hallway.
The guest rooms evoke the charm of a vintage apartment from the 1980s, providing visitors with a nice and comfortable living environment. Each room has a unique single-arm version of the A-SOFA 10, with a comfy seat that doubles as a daybed. The sofa's upholstery is meticulously chosen to complement the room's theme color. In addition, the side tables with brass legs are designed to fit the height of the A-SOFA 10.
*The model is not the current A-SOFA es. It is a custom-made sofa based on A-SOFA 10 which was available at that time
There are three types of lounge chairs selected for each of the guest rooms. The LUCIA chair is a lovely spinning chair with a circular form and geometric-patterned fabric that gives a nice touch to the room. When coupled with the ottoman, the GIULIO high-back chair allows guests to recline in luxury. The BLANCHE chair boasts a lightweight, low-back design and elegant steel legs. Each chair is created for both style and comfort, complementing the decor of each room producing an exceptional sense of excitement while delivering a peaceful experience that makes guests feel at home.

■Guest Room
Sofa A-SOFA 10 custom-made / Lounge Chair GIULIO / Chair NT / Coffee Table custom-made

Lounge Chair LUCIA

Lounge Chair GIULIO

Sofa MIO ※discontinued / Lounge Chair BLANCHE

Lounge Chair LUCIA / Coffee Table CLIPS / LIGHT LIGHT CONE ※discontinued