All arflex sofas are produced at asahikawa factory in Hokkaido’s Asahikawa area, a place of great natural beauty where many furniture artisans can be found. The whole chain of production is carried out here, from fabric cutting and sewing to molding of the structural urethane foams, assembly, and final inspection. By combining speedy automation with handicraft for the parts where only the human touch can do, we are able to produce sofas of impeccable quality in a short time.

Design and craftsmanship for blissful comfort

asahikawa factory, the magical place where blissful, constantly refreshing designs, top quality, and superb maintainability are united to create arflex sofas

Address 1-2-15 Kogyodanchi Ichijo, Asahikawa City, Hokkaido 078-8271
Contact tel. 0166-36-6672/fax. 0166-36-7666
Business hours Closed: Sundays, public holidays & Saturdays (some irregular closings)